Gory with teeth to eat you:)


•Home Planet: Zombieland •Species:Zombie •Customs of species in social situations:you take a bite out of eachothers arms •Character’s rank or title:Lvl 50 •Special Skills:Mind Control •Weaknesses:Fruit Punch •One thing you need for your home planet:Meat trees •Items carried to WILF event:Teeth


She grew up in a pack of werewolfs.When she was 7 she ran away angry and fustrated, she fell into a open grave and saw a zombie.But her kind nature and common sense told her to stay and she realized it wouldnt hurt her.The zombie took her underground and showed her the zombie lair.She met new zombies and they were nice and kind.People think that zombies are stupid but they’re smart and clever.She grew up a zombie helper.Then a epidemic happend in virgina, unicorns were killing humans.They were exploding there minds with thier powers.The zombies were trying to help kill the unicorns.So she disided to help the zombies and help mankind.So,she went with the zombies back to ther home planet earth.Edventualy a war broke out.Then one night while she was patroling the woods, were her camp site is, she heared rustling in the bushes.She screamed “Come out now or i`ll pull you out”.All of the sudden a girl her age came running out with zombie penguins.”Who are you?” the girl asked. “I am Brittany who are you?” she replied. “I`m Heather wheather you like it or not im out to kill unicorns, and you cant stop me.”She replied “I hate unicorns im going with you.”


Mutant Ninja Zombies From Ninja Libary Land (; BrittAnay