Shiney bright teeth stanied with blood to eat you (;


•Home Planet:Zombieland •Species:Zenguin •Customs of species in social situations:You take a bite out of eachothers arms •Character’s rank or title:Lvl 50 •Special Skills:Drop Kicking •Weaknesses:Grapefruit •One thing you need for your home planet:Meat Trees •Items carried to WILF event:Teeth


Grew up on a farm with her parents.When she was 6 she was outside in the pasture when the barn burned down.Then she realized the terrible truth, her parents were in there.She cried and ran into the house for the phone,but the house was buning too.She ran out and ran and ran.Then she came opon a pack of penguin. She came closer and realized they were zombie ninja penguins,she pet one despite the growling and it stared at her in shock so she pet it again in curosity.She treated them kindly and in turn they raised her until the unicorn epidemic broake out. then they hated unicorns and disted to fly down to her home planet.There,while patroling the woods with the penguins,she met with Brittany.They fought together for the war.


Mutant Ninja Zombies From Ninja Libary Land (; BrittAnay